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Bismuth Crystal Is An Iridescent Beauty

May 21st, 2010

Bismuth Crystal Specimen

The Bismuth Crystal is a brittle metal with an incredible iridescent oxide to it, this displays a various array of rainbow colours which will brighten any space. Bismuth Crystal is also characterised by the spiral staircase structure of it which is a result of a higher growth rate around the outside edges than on the inside. Beautiful colours which are displayed through the Bismuth Crystal come about because of the variations in thickness of the oxide layer, causing varying wavelengths of light which interferes with reflection.

Bismuth Crystal Specimen

A great way to impress people with your crystal collection, or the start of one is with this Bismuth Crystal Specimen. You can enjoy shimmering iridescent colours with the Bismuth Crystal Specimen and you can buy it in small, medium or large. Either set the Bismuth Crystal Specimen by itself to dazzle, or use other crystals to compliment it. If you can bear to give it away then you can give this Bismuth Crystal Specimen to a friend or relative as a gift that they are bound to appreciate.


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