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Howlite Crystal Could Help You Focus & Sleep

February 17th, 2010

For those seeking calmness in their lives, Howlite Crystal could help, it is believed that if placed under your pillow that it can help with insomnia, particularly effective if you have an active mind. Howlite can also be used as an elixir and sipped for an hour before going to bed which is well worth trying out if you suffer from sleepless nights. It is said that Howlite Crystal can link to spiritual dimensions, opening up attunement and prepare the mind for insights and general wisdom. You can also use the Howlite Crystal to help with patience and to eliminate rage and uncontrolled anger, making it great for the heartbroken and other unfortunate souls.

Howlite Crystal Tumble Stone

Howlite Tumble Stone

Howlite Tumble Stone

Use the delightful Howlite Tumble Stone to decorate your home, help you sleep or simply to add to an existing crystal collection. The Howlite Tumble Stone has been highly polished which brings out the full beauty of the Howlite crystal. A Howlite Tumble Stone is a great way to keep your favourite crystal with you at all times, tumble stones are of course available in a variety of different crystals and are lightweight and comfortable to hold. Howlite Tumble Stones are said to help you to focus, helping with new ideas and it is also associated with purity and calmness.

Howlite Crystal Carved Sitting Buddha Statue

Howlite Carved Sitting Buddha Statue

Howlite Carved Sitting Buddha Statue

This chirpy looking fellow is a Howlite Carved Sitting Buddha Statue who is said to bring great fortune and happy vibes to whoever is nearby to him. The Howlite Carved Sitting Buddha Statue has been skilfully hand carved with superb precision and great detail which shows off the amazing qualities of the Howlite crystal. It is believed that a Howlite Carved Sitting Buddha Statue such as this one can help us to achieve happiness and good fortune, inspiring us to develop our inner qualities. Laughing Buddha’s are said to spread joy and happiness wherever they go, making them great gifts as well as crystals you can take with you when you travel.

Howlite Crystal Palm Stone

Howlite Palm Stone

Howlite Palm Stone

It is thought that you can use this stylish Howlite Palm Stone to help you focus on new ideas, or to enhance past-life journeys, it is also believed that the Howlite Palm Stone can help you to sleep when placed under your pillow. The Howlite Palm Stone is completely natural with no dyes and it’s been highly polished to show the fine grey marbling effect throughout it. Once you hold the Howlite Palm Stone in your palm it is believed that you can then meditate or simply use it to focus, so give it a go!

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