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Jade comes in 6 different colours: yellow, red, black, green, white and purple. It has been considered a "good luck" stone for thousands of years, and has been treasured by the Chinese since at least 1950 BC. Ancient cultures in the Americas and Asia used it as a kidney healing stone. The Chinese use it to strengthen the body, increase longevity and cleanse the blood, and consider it a symbol of purity and wisdom gathered in tranquillity. It encourages self-realisation, particularly on a spiritual level, and is very balancing. It is also used in dream work.

African Jade - Cleansing, balancing and detoxifying. Keeps one grounded while assisting meditation
Chakra Alignment: Heart

New Jade - Cleansing, purifying, detoxifying, and very gentle. Can be used to alleviate pain and heal illness.
Chakra Alignment: Heart
Birthstone: Aquarius