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Containing a gorgeous Ammonite Fossil, this gift box is the perfect gift for adults and children fascinated by the natural world.

Ammonite fossils are 135 - 395 million years old,
most of our examples come from Madagascar.
They were squid-like creatures that swam freely in the sea
and produced beautiful fossils like this one.

  • Fossil: Ammonite
  • Phylum: Mollusca,
  • Class Cephalopoda: Cephalopods
  • Notable Fact: Ammonoids were coiled
  • Location: Madagascar

Cephalopods were marine, highly mobile swimmers, generally carnivorous.
They achieved buoyancy by achambered shell connected by a siphuncle
to exchange pressure of gas thus adjusting density.

Rich red and earthy colours have developed, leaving you with a captivating example of the Earth's natural bounty.

  • Gift Box Size: 15cm X 15 cm X 7.5cm
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