Malachite Heart Pendant

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Bring vibrant colour and crystal energy to your look with this Malachite Heart Pendant. Malachite has a wonderfully deep green colour with natural markings. It is very eye-catching but easy to wear day or night.

We have photographed three pendants here to show the unique patterns.

Malachite is an all-purpose healing stone and an excellent pain reliever. Traditionally a stone of protection, it is also used to absorb pollution and electromagnetic energy.

Product Code:
Height: 2.5cm (1.0")
Width: 3.0cm (1.2")
Birth Signs:
Capricorn December 21st - January 19th
Scorpio October 23rd - November 22nd
Heart (Anahata or Fourth Chakra)
Green (More Green Products)
Product Type:
Crystal Heart (More Crystal Heart Products)
Stone Types: