Alternative Names: None

Mineral Information

Origin: Merelani Hills, Arusha, Tanzania

Mineral Species: Roscoelite

Mineral Group: Silicates

Chemical Formula: K(V3+,Al)2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2

Hardness: 2.5

Crystal System: Monoclinic

Colour: Brown, dark green to black

Typical Appearance: Typically as 'books' or flaky masses, with rhombic or hexagonal outlines.

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: No known birthstone

Chakra Alignment: Heart and Upper Heart

Element: Water (Wood in the Chinese system)

Origin of Name & Mythology: For Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe, FRS (7 January 1833 - 18 December 1915) was an English chemist. He is particularly noted for early work on vanadium and for photochemical studies.

Additional Information

In addition to the properties of other micas, Roscoelite can be very stimulating to the body’s electrical system, which may initially be somewhat uncomfortable, but this balances and calms down after a few minutes. It has a strong effect on Solar Plexus, Upper Heart and Throat Chakras, helping to release blocked energy and clear stagnation in these areas. It clears the mind (very helpful when you’re having difficulty focussing on a project), releases tightness in the chest, and can act as a mild anti-inflammatory. It connects with the Pericarium Meridian in Chinese medicine. Green roscoelite in particular is cheerful, pleasant and moodlifting.