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Collect Crystal Charms

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

What Is a Charm & Why Do We Collect Them.

The word Charm comes from the French word Charme, which basically means song. Originally most charms were actually sung or recited. However the need for something more solid and permanent rather than ephemeral, to protect or guide resulted in the rise in interest in crystal stones. To those sensitive enough to feel it, they emanated different vibrations.

Rocks have always held a fascination. How many people pick up an interesting stone, when they spot it on the ground? As children we probably made collections of them, especially after a holiday near a stony beach. There is an affinity to something in our subconscious, beyond the sheer age that they have been around. There are hundreds of types and no one stone or crystal is alike.


Add a Touch of Colour to Your Favourite Accessories with Crystal Charms

Why Collect Crystal Charms?

Nowadays many people collect a variety of crystals to aid them in different ways, including health, love, protection and luck. They can be worn as attachments, such as charm bracelets, incorporated into jewellery, clipped on to bags, key fobs or just kept close to the skin in a pocket, whilst picking up your body heat. The importance of individual stones is now a complex but interesting field of knowledge.

However if you are unsure of what crystals are for you,what about starting with a Crystal Charm Set. Twelve stones that all have their individual properties, to cover all eventualities. They would make a good start to your collection, an ideal gift to your friends, or even as a unique table gift at a special occasion.

Turquoise Howlite Protection Crystal Charm

Turquoise Howlite Charm

Quartz Healing Crystal Charm

Quartz Healing Crystal Charm

Rose Quartz Love Crystal Charm

Rose Quartz Love Crystal Charm

Health & Wellbeing.

If you are having issues, or know someone who may benefit from a healing crystal, what about giving them some appropriate crystal charms, as a token? It is often the concern of the giver, that has a positive effect on a friend,the stones would be a small but constant symbol of your support. The Quartz Healing Crystal charm is a collection of a dozen or so tumbled stones, pearls and gem chips, which can be carried easily, by clipping to your bag or belt.

Giving yourself a crystal is one step on the road to self-healing, whatever attracts you to a particular stone, has already started building an empathy with you. Give it a go, even if you are not convinced. We all grow attachments to objects that apparently have no reason to remain in our company, be it that old coin that has stayed in your purse for five years or the bit of colored string that is still tied around the teddies neck. Stones have been here almost since time began on this planet, if one stays with you for a while during its existence, you should be pleased.

Hematite Healing Crystal Guide

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Hematite is quite a common mineral; it is easily recognized by its steel grey metallic look. In its polished form, it was once used as a mirror, before the advent of foil backed glass. Although it is now a very popular crystal for carving and incorporating into exquisite jewellery,it has a long history, and was popular with the Babylonians, and mentioned in several early cultures.

In its rough mined state it has a rough granular rich blood red color and was used as a form of pastel or chalk for making images. This early ochre was what was used in cave paintings,as decoration on pottery and face painting on tribal warriors, hence its association with Mars the God of War.

It is interesting to note scientists believe Hematite to exist on Mars, and is a sign that it once had water, or may be even still has under the surface. Being made of 70% iron, it is the heaviest common crystal. In some cases it also has a slight magnetic charge, due to its iron content.


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Benefits of Hematite

Being associated with Aries, it guards and protects,being full of warrior energy. It acts as a shield and allows you to reflect and focus on building up your defenses against negativity. In life we get what we focus on, if we are negative, we tend to get more.

Hematite gives the strength to understand and reshape your reality. It also links us to the evolution of mankind. Thirteen pieces were found in Africa that had been geometrically carved; these have been dated at 75,000 years, which is 35,000 years more than was previously believed man had started symbolically carving images. It carries all that history and experience with it.

Hematite is the stone of choice for grounding and safety, after using other stones to assist in such experimentation as astral travel or trance meditation.This silver-grey metallic mineral, is the gemstone often used as an aid to dealing with those who tend to try and avoid worldly tasks or events by out-of-body flight.

Specular Hematite Slice

Specular Hematite Slice

Hematite Rose Healing Crystal

Hematite Rose Healing Crystal


Mega Mags Hematite Magnets

In another form it is known as Kidney ore and as such is beneficial for circulation and Anemia. The word Hematite is related to Hematology (Haima means blood in Latin). Hematite also aids in deep inner reflection, looking at areas that you have previously buried. These can be brought to the surface, and not allowed to affect you any further. Faith and conviction can be restored, and a new positive outlook created.

It is believed that when it has absorbed a lot of negative energy over a period of time, it can actually shatter, under the pressure of keeping all your negativity, from getting to you. Take a look at the selection of Hematite products, which we have on our specialist web page. Further information can be obtained by looking at the crystal information page, which is full of interesting details to start you off on your quest for the right stones for you.

Tanzanite & Zoisite Healing Crystal Guide

Monday, January 26th, 2015

What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is an increasingly rare vivid blue/velvet colored gem that was only discovered in recent years. The problem is it comes from one area only, near Arusha in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It was named by Tiffany and Co, in New York, after the country of its origin. Not only does it come from one area of that small country, but there are very few workable seams left operating. It is quite possible that it will run out completely in a few more years. Therefore unless other sites are found,its value is likely to increase with time.

Tanzanite is a form of Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminum Silicatea branch of the crystal Zoisite which is more common. It is not a large crystal but extremely exquisite,and normally found in its rough state, in a chisel shape. If anything it is similar to Sapphire,but at the moment only a fraction of the price. It is also not as hard as Sapphire, so some care is needed when cutting.


Fill Your Home With Eye-catching Tanzanite Crystals

Healing Properties

Although its healing properties are not considered as specific as other stones, and not the first choice in a healing collection, it does have unique qualities that make it very desirable. It is a cheerful, bright crystal that helps if you if you have a bad day, or are feeling slightly under the weather. It is used in three chakras of the throat, third eye and crown, to help align them all and has healing properties related to healing torn ligaments and pulled muscles.

During Meditation it will take you into a different state of consciousness, although it is recommended to have a grounding stone, such as Hematite to balance out the waking process. Tanzanite is also recommended for alleviating long periods of stress and is especially supportive emotionally, with its lively feminine energy.

Bi-Colour Tanzanite Zoisite Healing Crystal

Bi-Colour Tanzanite Zoisite Crystal

Tanzanite Mini Healing Crystal

Tanzanite Mini Healing Crystal

Zoisite Healing Crystal

Zoisite Healing Crystal

There is a pale yellow form that is normally referred to as yellow Zoisite, this is sometimes heat treated to bring out the color. However in its natural form it can aid energy in the area of the solar plexus. When a crystal exhibits both yellow and blue it is considered an ideal stone for balancing out everything, for instance male/female or heaven and earth. It clears away the annoying mental waste. The yellow version is mixed with the blue/purple, it is also considered helpful in stimulating forward movement in terms of business, and should be carried within the briefcase or kept in the office drawer.

It is also the birth stone of all those born under the signs of Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra. If you are interested in this lovely crystal, now would be a good time to seek out a piece. Always use a reputable dealer and read up on its specific properties if you are intending using it in your health collection. Take a look at our wide crystal collection, to find a piece of Tanzanite that is suitable for you.

Faden Quartz Healing Crystal Guide

Friday, January 16th, 2015

What is a Faden Crystal?

Faden Crystal is an altered form of the common quartz crystal. It has the same six sides in common, but often four will be smaller or narrower,giving it a tubular flat appearance. The edges may have become broken due to the intense pressures in the ground, crushing and eventually causing jagged edges.

The word Faden comes from the German word for fiber. It is very noticeable if you look at the crystal, that it has a thin thread running through it. This is a fracture that is full of little bubbles of air and water. They Faden quartz is mostly found near the Afghanistan, Pakistan border.

Why Faden is a Healing Crystal

It has had to repair itself many times during its formation over the millennia. The threads running through it, testify to its ability to re-form and repair itself. For this reason, it is seen as a master healer crystal, able to help those who keep it near.

Faden Quartz brings a connection with the universe and clarity of perception to those who seek links between the spiritual and physical world. It is often used in experimenting with astral travelling, a form of meditation, in order to leave your physical body and experience other realms of consciousness.

Shared with others it can form a bridge across real and imagined distance, a relationship string, in telepathic form. This can be between friends who have empathy, or between a client and their healing teacher. A client will be able to take home a crystal that has been shared in a session, for continued support.

It is linked with a change of attitude and compassion towards others, and also as an aid in self-healing, in both the mental and physical realms. It also aids in healing of broken bones and torn tendons and ligaments and has been recommended for spinal problems by placing under the back when resting. There have been cases of Faden being used in past-life regression sessions, allowing a clearer vision of past events.

Faden Quartz Crystal Specimen

Faden Quartz Crystal – 85mm

Faden Quartz Crystal Specimen

Faden Quartz Crystal – 60mm

Faden Quartz Crystal Specimen - 110mm

Faden Quartz Crystal – 110mm

The Holistic Approach

As with all crystal healing, a holistic approach is needed. All aspects of a problem or lifestyle have to be taken into account. The crystals act to keep the person focused on what is needed.

They don’t offer magic cures, but act as support and transmitter of intentions. However quite often, that is all that is needed to effect a positive change in the user. Take a look at the specimens in our Faden product web page, to find out more about this special quartz and its properties.

How Do You Know if the Stone is Right For You?

You can intuitively choose which crystals to use, by taking note of which stones you are attracted to, many people use Psychometry. Hold the stone or crystal loosely and experience its sensations. Some will seem warm, comforting, almost happy, whilst others will feel aggressive. In the end, the right feeling, fits the right purpose it is intended for.

Positive Crystals For 2015

Monday, January 12th, 2015

As the New Year gets under way, many of us decide to change what we did not like in the old year, and make new resolutions for the coming twelve months.

Near the top of most lists comes intentions such as, be happy and more contented, get on with others better or, what is never very far from our minds, how to earn enough, to pay for everything we need or want. With this in mind here are five crystals that will help you focus on some positive areas of your life.

To know what you truly want from life, you have to know who you are. Not just that cheerful person that everyone else sees, but that ‘You,’ that keeps inside your head and tells you things that either support, or generally hinder what you hope to achieve.


Ease Stress With Amethyst

The Perfect Crystals For The New Year

Amazonite regulates thinking abilities and aids clear expression. It helps transform negative mental blocks that hinder your thinking. It helps change patterns of repeat behaviour. Aquamarine quickens the intellect, increases self-knowing and clear thinking. It also brings imagination, good for exam situations.

To feel happy and contented, you not only need a calm mind, but your body needs to be functioning well and giving you as little trouble as is expected from your general condition or age. It is a natural organism and nobody can expect to get away without some problems. What you want is a crystal that will support you in both mind and body, to overcome negative conditions.

If you want a stone that seems to do just about everything for the physical body, then try Amethyst. It cleans and purifies, helps with stress, neurological problems, the immune system, pain relief, arthritis and headaches. It also tackles grief, fear and phobias. It has regenerative properties that aid addiction, and in general raises spirits and calms the mind.

It is said that you make your own luck, you get back what you put out, and the harder that you try, the more luck will find you. “If you try you may succeed, if you don’t you won’t,” is often quoted in one form or another. But there is nothing wrong in having a bit of help, something to draw the right energies into your efforts. Try this crystal and good luck.

Amazonite Tumblestone

Amazonite Tumblestone

Citrine Cluster

Citrine Cluster

Green Aventurine Crystal Egg

Green Aventurine Crystal Egg

Green Aventurine is the stone of good luck. It achieves this by imbibing you with the ability to see possibilities and alternatives. It guides towards potentials, in a calm and balanced manner. In this way you are far more likely to be surprised at the increase in your luck quota.

You can be wealthy in mind and body, but it is also nice to be just a little wealthy in the pocket. At least enough to pay the bills, feed the family and have enough to enjoy life, rather than find it always stressful. We already know that on a world scale we are very lucky, but it is human nature to want to continue to secure one’s own safety. In that manner we can also reach out and help others in our own ways.

Citrine is the stone of success, it stimulates personal creativity but at the same time provides stability and confidence, all things needed in promoting personal wealth. It is a great stone for pushing forward and energizing oneself, leading to motivation and progress. Having achieved wealth, it also encourages generosity.

Aventurine Healing Crystal Guide

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Aventurine is an all-purpose mind and body quartz crystal that contains chromium in its green form, but can also be found in peach and red/orange varieties that contain iron oxide. There is also a rare pale blue variety. It is a stone that lends itself to being carved, and you will find many little ornamental pieces such as elephants, pyramids and particularly Buddhas for sale.

Small pieces are often sold in handfuls, easy to arrange in healing grids or tumble from hand to hand to calm the nerves. Aventurine Candle holders, offer the chance to piggy back with other crystals of burn suitable incense. Another form that is popular is a larger palm stone, that when polished fits snuggly into your hand. It is also known under two other names, Indian Jade and The Stone of Heaven.


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Aventurine Crystal Properties

Aventurine is a gentle stone that acts in subtle manner, controlling harmony and balance. When used in a room, it will quieten down the angry soul, bring calm and dispels conflict. The Mica inherent in Aventurine is used to block harmful electromagnetic radiation from devices such as your computer. Many people place a piece of Aventurine between them and the device for protection.

This beautiful stone is also used for cleaning the room of all unwanted influences healing and purifying the air around it, and has been used for a very long time in some forms of Feng Shui. It is also known as the crystal of creativity, a boon to artists, writers and musicians, giving their imagination, inspiration and direction.

If you suffer from skin irritation, Aventurine will act as a balm. This could include acne, allergies, flaky skin including dandruff, as well as hair loss. People who suffer from sleep deprivation or other disorders that prevent them from relaxing, claim that it has a beneficial effect for them. Migraine and general headaches can also be eased with the proximity of this crystal.


Green Aventurine Bracelet

Green Aventurine Palm Stone

Green Aventurine Palm Stone

Yellow Aventurine Gemstone Bowl

Yellow Aventurine Gemstone Bowl

Aventurine can aid the strengthening of muscle tissue when damaged and help the circulatory blood system. The immune system in general also comes under the influence of Aventurine. If all of the above is not enough, it also considered a stone of chance, luck and career choice.

Another property of Aventurine is that it gives opportunity for being positive about money. Allowing the person energy to put out more intentions and thus receive more. It gives calm and confidence to the person who wears it, even just as a small bit of jewelry. There is also the potential for developing leadership skills and inspiring others to have confidence in you.

This stone is also often used in ceremonies linked to magic and spells. It is seen as an element of the earth as a whole planet. There are also connections with Mars, the direction north and the tarot card of the Empress. When luck is required or just opportunities to seek and gain abundance,then Aventurine is the crystal of choice. It is a stone that can do much for you, if you give it a chance.

Crystals For Winter

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Winter has arrived, and with it a bagful of ups and downs particular to the coldest of seasons. For every beautiful snowfall or New Year celebration, there’s a heavy cold or some winter blues to suffer through. While no crystals we know of have the ability to stop the rain or make the sun come out, making use of the correct crystals can ease the burden of many of those negative aspects of winter.

Cold & Flu

There is always a big spike of cases of cold and flu infections during the winter months, though there is still some debate among the scientific community as to what the exact reasons for this are. It is generally considered that the colder and wetter weather lowers our bodies’ immunity and allows the viruses to take hold easier.

The poor weather also closely congregates people in ways that is less frequent during warm weather. Obviously, trying to keep away from anybody coughing and sneezing is advisable, but not always possible. There are, however, several crystals with protective and healing abilities which you can keep on your person or about the home.

Crystals to Combat Cold & Flu

Carnelian crystals are known for their ability to strengthen the immune system. They have healing and protective powers which we can harness to bolster our defences against the likes of colds and the flu.
Malachite is another very powerful healing crystal which has natural bacteriostatic qualities. It supports the immune system and helps fight infection.

Cold and Flu - 2

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

S.A.D used to be considered a simple and unique mood disorder, but has now been identified as a recurrent major depressive disorder brought about directly by a particular season. While it can and does affect many people during the summer, it more commonly afflicts sufferers during the winter months. Undoubtedly, this is due to the decrease of sunlight accompanied with the drop in temperature.

Typical winter weather such as biting winds and rain can contribute, but there is an interesting theory regarding S.A.D.’s origin. Some scientists believe that S.A.D. is an evolutionary hangover from an ancient ancestor that used hibernation during the winter as a means of survival. It is proposed that S.A.D. is an indication of a previous survival instinct that kicks in when food is scarce, such as in winter. The idea is that this ‘disorder’ would help reduce the necessary daily calorie intake we required.

Crystals to Combat S.A.D. Symptoms

Bloodstone crystals are very beautiful but also contain a lot of healing energy as well as having a strong influence on your emotional state. Bloodstone can ease irritability, aggressiveness and impatience, all leading to a much happier state of mind.
Turquoise promotes love, understanding and kindness, which are three key ingredients of happiness. It works best with the heart and throat chakras and will help purify your thoughts and behavioural patterns. It is also said that the power of Turquoise is massively multiplied when it is given as a gift.

Financial Debt

This one bites everybody pretty hard every Christmas. We spend most of the year getting back on our feet just to get knocked back down again by the unavoidable Christmas spending. It’s not just all the presents, but all the extra food and drink we barely even think about before buying.

Luckily, there is lots of sound financial advice available for free nowadays. Money saving websites have made a myriad of information available, with tips and advice on how to minimise your Christmas expenditure. You can also use crystals to help attract a particular kind of fortune; financial.

Crystals to Attract Financial Wealth

Citrine is a beautiful stone that attracts abundance, so use it in tandem with good money saving advice and they should help multiply your good fortune.
Pyrite (sometimes called Fool’s Gold) is actually rather useful in attracting wealth. It is also well known for providing an energy shield to block out spiritual pollutants and negative energies.

Cold and Flu - 1

Use Carnelian Crystals for Cold & Flu

General Stress

All of the above (and below!) can lead us to a state of general stress, which doesn’t have one particular cause but is a culmination of a variety of issues. We’re lacking energy and motivation, while the money keeps flying out of the account twice as fast as we can put it back in. It’s a good idea to pre-empt this stressful time by encouraging serenity and calmness throughout your home, which in turn can help keep your thoughts and emotions stress-free. There is an abundance of crystals that can help you de-stress, so it’s worth exploring to discover those which exactly suit your personal needs.

De-Stressing Crystals

Amethyst is a good all-purpose healing crystal that can help soothe your worries in a number of ways. Amethyst crystals also happen to make some of the most beautiful looking ornaments, which make them perfect to keep around the home.
Clear Quartz increases mental clarity by helping to clear the mind of anxiety. Holding a Clear Quartz crystal near your solar plexus and regulating your breathing for a few minutes will keep you calm and relaxed and ready to take on all the stresses your day tries to throw at you.

Family Unity

Every family is likely to end up having some sort of argument when they’re all gathered under one roof, especially when the booze has been flowing for a while. Simmering tensions bubble over or long forgotten slights are unceremoniously shoved back into the light. It might just be two particular family members whose differing political views always end up dominating the conversation.

While the wisest move is to seat them at opposite ends of the table and try and keep the conversation light and as far away from the incendiary subject matter as possible, you can also create an energy in your home which promotes familial unity.

Crystals that Promote Family Unity

Aventurine crystals are often used in Feng Shui to create harmony between family members. It has an uplifting and balancing energy.
Cherry Quartz is perfect for helping maintain family unity as it is said to heal emotional wounds and even aid spiritual growth.

How to Build a Crystal Meditation Altar

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Meditation altars are the ideal method for keeping our healing crystals and other meditative items all together and in perfect condition to help us achieve our spiritual balance. There is not one specific way of creating or using a meditation altar, so you can personalise yours so it is customised to your own individual circumstances.

Meditation Altar - 6

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Chakras.

What is a Meditation Altar?

What constitutes a meditation altar can vary massively between individuals. Ultimately, it is simply a place to keep the items that you use for meditation and spiritual healing. Some people will build or a buy an apparatus such as a stand or table for this specific purpose, while others might prefer a simple cloth on the floor in their meditation space. Another option is to use a tray which can then be moved around for your convenience, which can be especially useful if you live in a small place or share your living space with others.

How to Make a Meditation Altar

As mentioned, you have a variety of options and which is best for you will be dictated by your personal circumstances, though it is certainly advisable to create a dedicated altar if you have the space for it. You will need a flat surface onto to which you place all the items you use for healing and meditation, and a supporting stand to raise it up to a comfortable level. You will want your crystals to be comfortably reachable from a sitting position, assuming you engage in your meditative practices while seated on a cushion on the floor.

It is advisable to put some thought into what your altar is made from, and get a little creative with it. There are plenty of meditation ideas online for you to draw inspiration from, so give it a google and see if anything catches your eye. If the altar is to be moved when not in use, then you’ll obviously need it made from light materials, but a more permanent fixture allows you to include ideas such as a slice of a thick log or another heavy material in your altar creation.

The more dedicated your meditation space is, the more you can theme the area and decorate it with colours and items which inspire your spirituality. Green is an excellent healing colour, and there are other symbols of healing, such as the bear, which can also help create an intensive atmosphere of healing energy in your meditation space.


Charoite Palmstone


Blue Goldstone Thumbstone


Chrysocolla Palmstone

Where to Put a Meditation Altar

Again, personal circumstances play a part here, but the one constant is that your meditation space should be somewhere peaceful and quiet. If you have a space you can dedicate entirely to your meditative practices, then your altar and meditation practices will certainly benefit. Think about the colours of the walls and carpets in the room, and perhaps use coloured throws on the wall and a rug to easily change a poorly coloured space.

If you are unable to leave your meditation altar in place while not in use, then ensure it is of a size that is easily moved, perhaps out of the way within a cupboard. If you must pack away all your items for their safe-keeping, then procure a special box to keep them in and make the unpacking of them something of a ritual to help attune your mind to a relaxed place where meditation comes easily.

What Items to Keep on a Crystal Meditation Altar

There are a variety of options for placing your crystals on your altar, including bags and healing crystal stands. You will also need incense or essential oils on hand, plus a candle or several to let you keep the light dim while you meditate (don’t forget to keep matches or a lighter close by, if not on the altar itself). You will also want your focus object, that which you focus on to concentrate your breathing patterns in order to induce a state of meditation. Many people use the flame of a candle, while others prefer a crystal ball or another item that helps them focus. Remember though, it is not advisable to place any items on your altar that you have a strong emotional connection with, even a positive connection, as that can disrupt your focus as you meditate.

There are also different ways you can arrange the items on your altar. You can use Feng Shui for guidance by placing your focus object in the centre and then radiate the other items out and around it. It’s also a good idea to arrange your crystals according to the chakras, placing them in a circle or a line in order of the chakra they align with. Make sure your altar doesn’t become a place where random items such as keys, bits of paper or other such sundries gather. Keep the altar for meditation items only.

Meditation Altar - 2

Look At Various Crystal Altar Set Ups

How to Use a Crystal Meditation Altar

Always light some incense or essentials oils to cleanse the area of any unwanted energies before you begin. Light your candles or dim the lights to your preferred level, and if you like to play music or ambient sounds while meditating then try and time the start of the music or sounds with the dimming of the lights and lighting of candles.

If you share your living space, then make sure to let everyone around know that you require peace and quiet for a while as there’s nothing worse than someone banging and crashing around or calling our name because they can’t find the TV remote control just as we are drifting into a deep meditative state.

Meditation Altar Maintenance

Use a cloth made from natural fibres, perhaps silk or cotton, to cover your altar when not in use, even if you remove the altar entirely to place it in a cupboard. As mentioned previously, burning incense regularly helps dispel negative energies so a little burn in between meditation sessions will help keep your healing space full of positive energies. You will also need to cleanse your crystals from time to time as they will absorb all sorts of other energies which can interfere with their healing powers. Read this article on How to Clean Healing Crystals for more information on crystal cleansing.

Beginner’s Guide to Using a Crystal Massage Wand

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Fancy being massaged and pampered by your favourite crystal? With a crystal massage wand, you can lie back and enjoy the unique feeling of polished crystal being gently kneaded into your skin. Since ancient times crystal wands have been by healers across the globe. Today these wands that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types of stone, are still a valuable tool for healers. But how exactly do you use a crystal massage wand and how do they work?

How Do Crystal Massage Wands Work?

These wands work by gathering and directing energy. The extended shape of the wand allows the particular crystal to direct its healing energy in a straight line. The point of the wand then focuses the energy onto specific areas of the body where an ailment is present.

Crystal massage wands can be used for different methods of healing. They can be used to heal a specific area or chakra or on the whole body to alleviate tension and stress. When using a wand to massage the body, a wand with a rounded-edge should be used so it doesn’t scratch the skin.


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So How Do You Use Crystal Wands?

If you are using a crystal massage wand on a specific chakra on the body or to scan the chakras to identify blockages and cleanse and heal the chakra, the following method should be used.It is important to open up the chakras with crystal healing. To open the chakra with a crystal wand place the wand over each chakra.

Spin the wand in a clockwise circle above the chakra for approximately 3 – 5 minutes per chakra. Whilst you are spinning the crystal massage wand the negative energy will come out and the positive energy will be directed in and the chakra will start to spin in a clockwise circle. The chakra will be opened up, cleansed and healed through driving the negative energy out and the positive energy in.


Carnelian Crystal Massage Wand

Red Mookaite Crystal Wand


Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Wand


Message wands are also often used as a tool in reflexology. The crystal wand is pointed at certain pressure points on the feet and the hands. Again, the energy of the particular crystal can heal ailments in specific areas of the body.

Scanning The Body’s Aura

Begin at the feet and hold the wand with the point facing upwards and move it slowly over the body rotating in small anti-clockwise directions. If you feel there is a blockage, stop in that specific area to draw the negative energy out. When you reach the top of the head point the crystal wand downwards and rotate the massage wand in small clockwise circles and slowly work your way back down the whole of the body in order to recharge the energy fields in the chakras and the aura.

How to Prepare Yourself For a Crystal Healing Session

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

So you’ve decided to introduce the unique and powerful healing qualities of crystals into your life, congratulations. You might want to become a more positive person. Perhaps you want to heighten your spirituality. Or maybe you want to successfully stop smoking for Stoptober and require some outside help. Whatever your reason, you have made the right choice by deciding to use crystals in healing sessions.

What Exactly Are Crystals Used For & Which Crystals Are Most Commonly Used?

For centuries crystals have been used to promote healing by the release of negativity and to stimulate positive feelings and thoughts. Since ancient times crystals have been used in mediation to become more spiritual and augment the flow of authentic beliefs. Some of the most common crystals to use in healing include:

  • Celestite – Known as a ‘teacher for the new age’
  • Rose Quartz – Helps you open your heart and attract love
  • Black Tourmaline – Removes blockages and provide grounding and balancing
  • Amethyst–A natural tranquiliser, dispelling anger, fear and anxiety
  • Citrine – The ‘sunshine stone’ which carried the energy of the sun
  • Malachite – Provides protection and clears away negative energy
  • Sulphur – Absorbs negative energies, emotions and emanations
  • Chrysocolla – Relieves arthritic pain, strengthens the thyroid and soothes burns

Photo From Hands in Harmony

Preparing For a Crystal Healing Session

To prepare for a session using crystals you first need to determine which crystal you need to use. As the above list suggests, different crystals are used on different ailments so it is important to determine which crystal will be most effective to help ease your particular condition. Once you have the relevant crystal in your hand, it’s time to jump into healing action.


It is important to ensure your crystals are cleansed before you start the session. Submerging the crystals into salt water is one of the best ways to make sure they are cleansed. Alternatively you could put them under moonlight, which is a fantastic way to cleanse the crystals and let them recharge ahead of the healing session.

Make a Sacred Space

Before you start your crystal healing session it is important to find a scared space where you will be on your own and enjoy peace and tranquillity without the fear of the kids jumping on top of you or the dog barking for his supper!

Think About Your Intentions

Once you have found your sacred space take a moment to centre yourself and think about your intentions. Dim the lights, light some candles and even play some spiritual music then take the time to think about what you would like to achieve through the crystal healing session. Understanding this process and acknowledging your thoughts will help you open yourself to the high vibrational healing energy and get the most out of the crystal healing session. Lie back, open your mind, relax and enjoy – after all you deserve it.


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