Green Gold Phantom Quartz & Silver Pendant - 16mm

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If you're a busy person and find yourself on the go all the time, this dazzling Green Gold Phantom Quartz Pendant is something you can't do without.

Discovered in the most remote areas of Brazil, this stunning, authentic Green Gold Phantom Quartz Gem is, without doubt, an elegant addition to any outfit.

Not only is this faceted gemstone housed in a stunning sterling silver casing, these crystals contain phantoms which are believed to facilitate happiness and contentment making this a wonderful, powerful gift.

Product Code:
Height: 1.6cm (0.6")
Width: 1.3cm (0.5")
Birth Signs:
Virgo August 22nd - September 22nd
Crown (Sahasrara or Seventh Chakra)
Root (Muladhar or Base Chakra)
Stone Types: