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CrystalAge.Com is the place to buy Crystal & Gemstone Jewellery, crystal pendants, crystal beads, Crystals, Fossils, Healing Stones, Rock Clusters, Geode Rocks & Tumbled Stones online. We stock over 2,000 products and our site provides extensive information on minerals, stone types, chakra and much more! We have one of the largest selections of products online and are able to source gemstone and mineral products on request.

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    Latest Crystal Age Blog Posts

    Tanzanite & Zoisite Healing Crystal Guide

    What is Tanzanite? Tanzanite is an increasingly rare vivid blue/velvet colored gem that was only discovered in recent years. The problem is it comes from one area only, near Arusha in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It was named by Tiffany and Co, in New York, after the country of its origin. Not only does it come from one area of that small country, but there are very few workable seams left operating. It is quite possible that it will run out completely in a few more years. ...
    26 January, 2015

    The History of Crystal Healing

    The history of crystal healing is pretty long as it goes back to the very beginning of mankind. In fact, the earliest evidence we have of crystals or a mineral being used by humans goes back about 75,000 years. Earliest Evidence of Mineral Use Discovered in the Blombos Cave in South Africa were two examples of a mineral called Limonite (also known as Ochre) which were found to be intentionally carved. We don?t know for certain what use those ancient humans were making of it, but we know th...
    19 January, 2015

    Faden Quartz Healing Crystal Guide

    What is a Faden Crystal? Faden Crystal is an altered form of the common quartz crystal. It has the same six sides in common, but often four will be smaller or narrower,giving it a tubular flat appearance. The edges may have become broken due to the intense pressures in the ground, crushing and eventually causing jagged edges. The word Faden comes from the German word for fiber. It is very noticeable if you look at the crystal, that it has a thin thread running through it. This is a fractur...
    16 January, 2015

    Positive Crystals For 2015

    As the New Year gets under way, many of us decide to change what we did not like in the old year, and make new resolutions for the coming twelve months. Near the top of most lists comes intentions such as, be happy and more contented, get on with others better or, what is never very far from our minds, how to earn enough, to pay for everything we need or want. With this in mind here are five crystals that will help you focus on some positive areas of your life. To know what you truly want ...
    12 January, 2015

    Aventurine Healing Crystal Guide

    Aventurine is an all-purpose mind and body quartz crystal that contains chromium in its green form, but can also be found in peach and red/orange varieties that contain iron oxide. There is also a rare pale blue variety. It is a stone that lends itself to being carved, and you will find many little ornamental pieces such as elephants, pyramids and particularly Buddhas for sale. Small pieces are often sold in handfuls, easy to arrange in healing grids or tumble from hand to hand to calm th...
    05 January, 2015

    Crystals For Winter

    Winter has arrived, and with it a bagful of ups and downs particular to the coldest of seasons. For every beautiful snowfall or New Year celebration, there's a heavy cold or some winter blues to suffer through. While no crystals we know of have the ability to stop the rain or make the sun come out, making use of the correct crystals can ease the burden of many of those negative aspects of winter. Cold & Flu There is always a big spike of cases of cold and flu infections during the winter m...
    15 December, 2014

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