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CrystalAge.Com is the place to buy Crystal & Gemstone Jewellery, crystal pendants, crystal beads, Crystals, Fossils, Healing Stones, Rock Clusters, Geode Rocks & Tumbled Stones online. We stock over 2,000 products and our site provides extensive information on minerals, stone types, chakra and much more! We have one of the largest selections of products online and are able to source gemstone and mineral products on request.

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    Latest Crystal Age Blog Posts

    Amber?s healing powers

    With its warming glow and distinct rustic tones amber is an aesthetically stunning gemstone. Being this beautiful and unique it is hardly surprising amber is crafted into jewellery and ornaments whose receivers' regard as eternally precious. As well as being irrefutably alluring to look at, amber's appeal also stems from its massive healing powers. A Powerful History The healing properties of amber date back centuries. Archaeologists have found meticulously carved pieces of amber in various ...
    14 April, 2014

    Experience the Love Effect with Opal Rings

    Opal has been referred to as a stone of inspiration. As well as releasing inhibitions and enhancing the memory, opal augments imagination and creativity. Opal's inspiring qualities are coupled with the fact it is an extremely spiritual stone. As well as crafting happy dreams, opal's multiple proficiencies have also been attributed to crafting ?invisibility?, whereby its wearer can become 'invisible' in situations where they don't care to be. The Stone of Love Opal is also said to be the stone ...
    07 April, 2014

    Discover Crystal Waters

    We all know drinking water is good for us. In fact we can barely open a health and beauty publication without being reminded about the 'eight glasses a day' recommendation. But what about drinking crystal water? Comparatively less has been written about this spiritually cleansing and fortifying drink. So what exactly is crystal water, how is it made and what benefits does it have on our health? Placing crystals in water effectively charges the water with the energy of the crystals. For some, ...
    01 April, 2014

    How Are Crystals Found?

    We've all seen stunningly beautiful crystals twinkling up at us in shops and online but how are they actually found? How are the highly polished and flawless crystals that we know and love today mined from the earth and what treatment processes do they have to go through before they can be sold? Diamonds Diamonds are one of the most sought after crystals. They are mined by crushing diamond ore or by using the Alluvial method which involves sifting through river bank sand and soil. This techniq...
    31 March, 2014

    Which Crystals Are Used In Reiki Healing?

    If you are a regular Reiki practitioner you will probably know that the word Reiki is Japanese for ?universal life energy.? This spiritual practicewas developed in the early twentieth century by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui. While there are several variations of Reiki, this healing tradition is designed to nurture uninterrupted energy flows to foster balance and harmony. Reiki Treatment Reiki Treatment uses the transerance of energy Reiki is centred on the power of touch. Treatment involv...
    24 March, 2014

    Celebs Who Love Crystals

    Sparkling, magnificent and enchanting, it?s no wonder celebrities love crystals. Known for their extravagant dress sense, which catches onlooker?s attention, you don?t have to wait too long before a celebrity is snapped draped in stunning crystal jewellery. Not only do many of our favourite celebs have a penchant for crystal jewellery but it?s also not unusual for many a famous name to be associated with alternative medicine, including crystal healing. Don?t believe us? Have a look at the fol...
    17 March, 2014

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