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Blue Quartz

Bring tranquil crystals into your home with our great choice of blue quartz crystals. Blue quartz is a lovely variety of quartz with a vibrant but restful colour. This crystal is considered soothing and is believed to reduce stress, calm the mind, combat fear and inspire hope. It is a wonderful crystal to have near you or wear. We also have a full range of healing crystals including many rare and speciality crystals.

Blue Quartz Crystal Egg


Blue Quartz Crystal Egg

Blue quartz is said to lift the mood and protect the spirit. It is believed to promote confident communication, allowing us to convey our true feelings. This  Blue... read more

Blue Quartz Tumble Stone (20-25mm)

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Blue Quartz Tumble Stone (20-25mm)

With their restful colour and illuminating energy, blue quartz tumble stones are a great gift. Blue quartz is associated with spiritual understanding and tranquillity. It is said... read more

Blue Quartz Crystal Heart - 4.5cm


Blue Quartz Crystal Heart - 4.5cm

The wonderful blue colouration of this blue quartz heart makes it a lovely piece. This heart displays natural patterns and gorgeous tones of blue and white crystal.
Like... read more

Blue Quartz Palm Stone


Blue Quartz Palm Stone

Aligned with the Throat Chakra, blue quartz is said to enhance spiritual development and facilitate all forms of communication . This palm stone is the perfect way... read more

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" Hello, I have just received this morning my order of crystal butterfly & flower on a driftwood base and red garnet crystal orchid on green quartz base. I would just like to tell you how very" - Zillah R.
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