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Candle Quartz

Candle quartz is a fascinating variety of quartz that is said to have a tranquil energy. Candle quartz looks like a melting candle and is actually made up of a central point with many smaller downward facing points along the length. This unique formation means that candle quartz combines the attributes of both a single crystal point and of a crystal cluster. Candle quartz is associated with sensitivity, prudence, confidence and gazing ability. We also have a full range of elestial quartz and spirit quartz.

Candle Quartz Specimen


Candle Quartz Specimen

Marvel at the creamy texture resembling both cut marble and the softened candle of Candle Quartz.  Their colour ranges from milky white to reddish cream and each piece is different. ... read more

Candle Quartz ~6 x 4cm


Candle Quartz ~6 x 4cm

This Candle Quartz is a unique form of quartz and is found in Madagascar.  Candle Quartz has a rich creamy texture that resembles both cut marble and the softened candle for... read more

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