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Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated quartz is a remarkable crystal that brings together the energies of clear quartz and tourmaline. This stone consists of quartz with thin tourmaline inclusions throughout the crystal. It is very striking and believed to be an effective grounding stone. Tourmalinated quartz is said to strengthen the body's energy field, relieve tension and lift the spirits. It makes a fascinating collectable, as do our rutilated quartz and smoky quartz crystals.

Tourmalinated Quartz Crystal Skull ~10 x 6cm


Tourmalinated Quartz Crystal Skull ~10 x 6cm

Eye-catching and beautifully carved, this  Quartz Crystal Skull is packed with needle crystals of black tourmaline . A powerful piece,... read more

Tourmalinated Quartz Gemstone Chip Necklace ~ 35"


Tourmalinated Quartz Gemstone Chip Necklace ~ 35"

This Crystal Chip Necklace  features polished beads of Tourmalinated Quartz . The needles of tourmaline within the quartz give it a soft, elegant look that... read more

Tourmalinated Quartz Polished Point ~ 8 x 6cm


Tourmalinated Quartz Polished Point ~ 8 x 6cm

This excellent Tourmalinated Quartz Polished Point  is filled with straight tourmaline needles and makes a beautiful addition to any space.
Tourmalinated quartz is... read more

Tourmalinated Quartz Tumble Stone (20-25mm)

from £0.75

Tourmalinated Quartz Tumble Stone (20-25mm)

Enjoy a rare and beautiful crystal with our tourmalinated quartz tumblestones . These striking gemstones are a combination of tourmaline and quartz that combines the properties of... read more

Tourmalinated Quartz Power Bead Bracelet


Tourmalinated Quartz Power Bead Bracelet

Enjoy the natural elegance of quartz with this tourmalinated quartz power bead bracelet . The beads contain needles of black tourmaline and look gorgeous against your skin. ... read more

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