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Add to your crystal collection with one of these fine Bismuth specimens. When bismuth crystalises rapidly, the striking stepped 'hopper crystal' formations seen here are created.

The intricate crystal structure shimmers with iridescent colours. Display this specimen alone or as a sparkling accent to crystals such as quartz and amethyst.

For its uncommon crystals and metallic colour, this bismuth specimen makes a wonderful gift, even for those with the most complete crystal collections.

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By Anonymous

Bismuth Crystal Specimen (29 September 2015)

Beautiful colours and nicely formed. Looks great in my collection!

By Anonymous

Perfect! (07 September 2013)

Bought this crystal as a gift for a friend and I can't rate it highly enough it's perfect, the crystal I received was nicely formed and was 'rainbow' coloured just as in the picture, it was also a great size for the amount I payed. The delivery was fast as well meaning I will definitely be buying more of this, and other crystals from Crystal Age in the near future!