xxx Agate Slice Pink - 29cm

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This Agate Slice displays gorgeous bands of hot pink around large white crystals, giving you a piece to complement any room.

Agate is known as a stone of balance and protection. It is said to balance any unequal energies in a space and improve concentration.

This Agate Slice is perfect for a study or family living room - try placing it in front of a sunny window to make it glow with colour.

Beautifully polished to bring out the natural bands of the agate crystal, this slice is a great crystal gift and a simple way to fill your home with natural beauty and positive crystal energy.

Product Code:
XXXX - CX010
Height: 23cm (9.1")
Width: 29cm (11.4")
Depth: 1.0cm (0.4")
Stone Types: