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Discover how to use healing crystals and unlock their healing attributes with our beginner's guide to healing crystals.
Learn how to care for your healing crystals, how to cleanse healing crystals and enjoy them for years to come.
The feldspar group is notable for its play of colour within the mineral.
Information on many different crystal stone types.
Explore the changing role of gemstones and crystals throughout human history.
The Chakras are the energy centres of the body, recognised in Hindu and yogic teachings for thousands of years.
Discover methods of creating gem elixirs and crystal waters using the positive benefits of your crystals.
Discover the basic principles of crystal healing and how these traditions came to be.
Information on birth signs, the zodiac, birthstones and month stones.
The Seven Crystal Systems group all crystals based on their internal atomic structure. Learn about the seven systems and their crystals.