Methods of Cleaning Crystals

By their very nature and molecular structure, crystals attract energy, which can be positive or negative. Even if your crystal has not collected anything negative on its way to you, it is a good idea to cleanse it before you start using it, so it's your own energy you are working with. It should also be cleansed regularly when in use to keep it clear and vibrant. Every few weeks is probably a good idea, but as you work with your crystals you will begin to sense when they feel dull and in need of cleansing.

There are a number of methods for cleansing:

  • Flowing water - This is good if you live near a river or stream. Hold the crystal under flowing water for a few minutes. This can also work with tap water, but not as well.
  • Sunlight or Moonlight - Leave out in bright sunlight for a few hours. Some people also leave their crystals in the light of the full moon, or even bury them in the garden on the night of the full moon. Personally, this is not a method I favour, but if it appeals to you, please try it!
  • Salt - Bury crystals in dry sea salt overnight or longer. Throw the salt out afterwards - it will absorb any negative energy, and it is not a good idea to ingest it or bath in it. This method is not recommended for malachite or fluorite, as the soft surface scratches easily. Contrary to some recommendations, please do not cleanse by leaving in salt water. It is corrosive, and will damage some crystals. Some crystal healers do not use salt, as salt is itself a crystal.
  • Energy - If you have experience in healing or energy work, crystals can be cleansed by visualising a clear white or blue light coming through your hands into the crystal. Reiki practitioners can also use Symbols.
  • Selenite or Satin Spar - A large block of clear selenite or satin spar has a high vibration. You can cleanse and recharge other crystals and crystal jewellery by leaving the crystals on selenite overnight. The selenite itself will not need cleansing.
  • Large Quartz, or Amethyst Clusters - Have the same effect as selenite, but the vibration is not as high.
  • Bells - The clear tone of a bell, a singing bowl or Tingsha prayer chimes will immediately cleanse crystals and the area around them.

Use your crystals with care and respect, but most of all joy!

Author: Janelle Scialla