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Keep this powerful feminine power stone close to you. This ia a gorgeous Botswana Agate & Silver Ring.

Getting its name from its only known source, Botswana, Africa, this beautiful and interesting Agate gemstone incorporates a pastel blend of brown, cream, white and pink with a semi-translucent finish. Considered to be favourable to those who work around water as well as plants and trees, Botswana agate works hard to draw positive energies from these natural things and bring them into your inner-being. Also believed to offer someone the power of self-satisfaction and protection from pain such as heart break, what more could you want from a dazzling crystal.

Also known as eye agate as it is said to ward off the evil eye, this truly is a wonderful crystal gift for any crystal lover in your life. What's more, this gemstone ring has been wrapped in bright sterling silver for added strength and beauty.

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Crown (Sahasrara or Seventh Chakra)
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