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This religious Hindu symbol is considered a very important sound in order to become closer with God and is now available for you to wear. This Om Silver Pendant has a beautiful round Garnet Gemstone to really bring out its natural shimmering beauty and symbolic global reference.

Garnet is a powerfully energising and regenerating stone. Garnet inspires love and devotion and is said to be a useful crystal to have in a crisis

Be at one with god and have the spiritual symbol close to your heart with this gorgeous sterling silver and crystal pendant.

Product Code:
Height: 1.8cm (0.7")
Width: 1.5cm (0.6")
Birth Signs:
Aquarius January 20th - February 18th
Capricorn December 21st - January 19th
Virgo August 22nd - September 22nd
Third Eye (Brow, Ajna or Sixth Chakra)
Stone Types: