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Crystal Wands are a beautiful way to use your favourite crystal.  These larger than standard wands are polished from Preseli Bluestone found in the Preseli Hills of Wales. Granite-like in appearance, it is full of 'night sky' inclusions of grey feldspar and has a lustrous finish.

Preseli Bluestone has a powerfully magic aura, giving focus, stability and anchoring into the Earth's energy. It is believed that this ancient stone of dreaming forms the inner ring of Stonehenge.

This Preseli Bluestone Wand can be used for massage but also as a control stone and to focus upon during meditation.

Each crystal wand is unique and may vary slightly in colour. Thickness of wand is 25mm.

Product Code:
Width: 2.5cm (1.0")
Length: 9.0cm (3.5")
Heart (Anahata or Fourth Chakra)
Throat (Vishuddha or Fifth Chakra)
Stone Types:
Preseli Bluestone