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This beautiful hand crafted Red Jasper Crystal Massage Wand  has been carefully shaped and polished to bring out the beautiful colour of the stone

Red Jasper is believed to be gently stimulating. It grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations. Occasionally it contains veins of hematite which grounds it further. Red jasper is also believed to bring problems to light before they get out of hand and help in dream recall.

Crystal wands are used for channelling energy and are associated with magic. Wands are also used for massaging and help alleviate pain and stress, exactly what you need after a hard day.

Each crystal wand is unique and may vary slightly in colour. Thickness of wand is 25mm.

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Width: 2.0cm (0.8")
Length: 6.5cm (2.6")
Navel (Swadisthana or Second Chakra)
Root (Muladhar or Base Chakra)
Stone Types: