Mineral Information

Origin: Quebec, Canada

Mineral Species: Agrellite

Mineral Group: Silicates

Chemical Formula: NaCa2Si4O10F

Hardness: 5.5

Crystal System: Triclinic

Colour: White to greyish or greenish white

Typical Appearance: As crystalline masses, with a pearly lustre on cleavages.

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: None

Chakra Alignment: None

Element: None

Origin of Name & Mythology: Named after Stuart Olof Agrell, Britishn mineralogist.

Additional Information

Agrellite clears, opens and aligns all chakras, while allowing the user to retain a strong physical presence in the body, so although it can be quite powerful, it is not ungrounding. In fact, anything not needed clears through the legs and into the earth to be regenerated, further reinforcing our connection with the earth. The focus of its work appears to vary according to the piece, so while one will concentrate on the Solar Plexus, another brings its attention to the Throat, etc. It can also be used to facilitate a shift of energy, consciousness or awareness. Physically, it strengthens structure and aids bone knitting.

Agrellite fluoresces pink under UV light. Fluorescence is usually associated with the accessing of hidden gifts or wisdom. In this context, pink symbolizes that these gifts come from the heart and affect the emotions.