Alternative Names: Cobaltocalcite

Mineral Information

Origin: Notably Morocco and DR of Congo

Mineral Species: Calcite

Mineral Group: Carbonates

Chemical Formula: (Ca,Co)CO3

Hardness: 3

Crystal System: Rhombohedral

Colour: Pale to deep pink

Typical Appearance: Occasionally as groups of small acicular crystals, more usually as drusy crystalline crusts.

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: No known astrological sign

Chakra Alignment: Heart

Element: Spirit

Origin of Name & Mythology: Not known

Additional Information

Calcite aids spiritual, emotional, and physical development. In the human body, it supports the formation and repair of bones and teeth, the clotting of blood, and cellular communication. In addition to the general properties of calcite, cobaltocalcite can have a positive affect on brain function, the nervous system and formation of blood. It has an effervescent and playful, childlike energy, which lifts the spirits and leaves the user feeling energised and happy. Keep a cluster in the room to dispel melancholy and lighten the atmosphere.

Used directly on the body or held, cobaltocalcite can reduce symptoms of asthma. Working more deeply in meditation, it expands the Heart Chakra well beyond its normal limitations, opening you to all positive elements of love, from attracting love to learning the meaning of true compassion, and has a strong connection with the angelic realm.