Alternative Names: Spirit Quartz, Fairy Quartz.

Mineral Information

Origin: Magaliesburg, South Africa

Mineral Species: Quartz

Mineral Group: Oxides

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Hardness: 7

Crystal System: Trigonal

Colour: Purple(Amethyst), Yellow (Citrine), Brown (Smoky Quartz) and grey tones.

Typical Appearance:

Quartz crystals encrusted by a second generation of smaller crystals grown on the prism faces. The small second generation crystals point away from the prism and their orientation is not related to the crystallographic orientation of the central crystal. Often the tips of the first generation crystals remain free.
Also called spirit quartz or pineapple quartz.

In terms of crystal healing, spirit quartz is a protective crystal believed to bring peace and positive energy. It is said to transform negative energy into positive, encouraging emotional peace and happiness. It is recommended for auric shielding, astral projection, dreamwork and shamanic journeying. Spirit quartz is primarily associated with the crown chakra but can be used to balance and align all the chakras.