Alternative Names: Rainbow Druze, Anandalite

Mineral Information

Origin: India

Colour: Clear or white quartz with rhodium inclusions, which create an iridescent play of light.

Typical Appearance: Short prismatic crystals typically as a druze.

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: All astrological signs

Chakra Alignment: All

Element: Ether (Spirit) and Water

Origin of Name & Mythology: N/A

Additional Information

The energy of this lovely variety of quartz erupts from your core in a silent explosion, much like a dandelion clock, and its light, somewhat watery quality is effervescent, playful and full of joy. It awakens and clears all chakras, and is especially potent if held next to each chakra in turn, so the energetic body opens out like a flower unfurling in the sun, and a double helix of energy flows up the chakra system. Because of this, Rainbow Quartz is purported to awaken Kundalini. Held for long enough, one normally will reach a state of balance and neutrality. Its playful quality attracts and aids communication with the nature spirits, and it can open a clear conduit to spirit. It is best used in meditation.

Working with this crystal can leave you in a blissful state, but wide open and ungrounded, so be sure to close down and ground yourself, or hold a grounding crystal, after each session.