Alternative Names:

Mineral Information

Origin: Pakistan, Brazil

Mineral Species: Xenotime

Mineral Group: Phosphates

Chemical Formula: YPO4

Hardness: 4-5

Crystal System: Tetragonal

Colour: Yellowish brown, red-brown, light green, grey.

Typical Appearance: As short to long prismatic crystals; also equant, pyramidal.

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: Virgo and Taurus

Chakra Alignment: Root (Base) and Sacral (Navel); Third Eye

Element: None

Origin of Name & Mythology: From the Greek "vain" and "honor," in allusion to the fact that the yttrium in it was mistaken for a new element.

Additional Information

Xenotime has a very pleasant, expansive energy. It is grounding and relaxing, but also opens the Third Eye, facilitating psychic development while keeping us calm and with our feet on the ground. Used directionally, it centres and aligns the Chakras. It opens us to self-examination and self-reflection.

According to some systems, xenotime can also be used to help eliminate parasites. This can be on a physical level, or on an emotional level, ridding one of parasites of the human variety. Do not use direct method to prepare a gem elixir.