Igneous Rocks

how igneous rocks forming crystals

Rocks that form through volcanic, sedimentary or metamorphic processes each have their own qualities and implications in healing. To bring about strong transformation and healing, try looking at geological survey map. Choose an area with the right type of formation, and plan a stay in that area for a few days. This method was first researched in Germany by Michael Gienger. (See Crystal Power, Crystal Healing by Michael Gienger, published by Blandford)

Sedimentary Rocks

how sedimentary rocks forming crystals

Rock formation caused by weathering and breaking down of already existing rocks. They are transported by wind, landslides or by water. This is followed by sedimentation. Sedimentary formation demonstrates the influences of environment, and represents the shaping of our personalities and belief systems due to experiences in our past and upbringing. Sedimentary rocks can help us to recognise and become aware of this shaping, and gradually let go of old patterns

Metamorphic Rocks

how metamorphic rocks form crsytals

Formed in the lower part of earth's crust under extreme heat and pressure. The metamorphic process includes the formation of mountains, and metamorphosis and transformation into entirely new rocks. This demonstrates the spiritual process of transformation, and represents the burning off of anything that is not necessary. Metamorphic rocks stimulate inner transformation and encourage critical self-reflection.Author: Janelle Scialla