Japer is said to be useful for controlling the emotions and a good stone for soothing the nerves.

Jasper in whatever form is extremely nurturing and reminds us that we are here to nurture others as well. It occurs in many colours, all of which present their own properties.

Red Jasper

Good for gently dynamic energy and passion - and yes, good for the sex drive! It brings problems to light before they get out of hand, helps in dream recall, and strengthens and detoxifies.
Chakra Alignment: Navel and Base
Birthstone: Aries and Leo

Picasso Jasper

Grounds and promotes inner strength. Calms, stabilises and promotes self reliance.
Chakra Alignment: Base
Birthstone: Aries

Picture Jasper

Strengthens the will and sense of purpose. Grounds and aligns the lower Chakras.
Chakra Alignment: Base
Birthstone: Aries

Poppy Jasper

Promotes activity, dynamic energy and inner strength.
Chakra Alignment: Navel
Birthstone: Aries