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An attractive piece of Azurite from Morocco. These crystals are no longer mined so are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Azurite is aligned with Vishuddha, the throat chakra and is seat of intellect and communication.

Crystal Attributes:

  • Encourages a deep meditative state
  • Opens the crown and third eye chakras
  • Aids communication with spiritual guides
  • Detoxifying
  • Treats liver, kidney and gall bladder problems
  • Can stimulate the thyroid
  • Mild pain-reliever

This crystal comes with a handy reference card describing all key mineral properties and crystal healing attributes. For more information visit our CrystalAge.com Azurite Stone Type page.

Each piece is unique and may vary in size and colour. Price shown is for 1 specimen.

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Birth Signs:
Sagittarius November 23rd - December 20th
Throat (Vishuddha or Fifth Chakra)
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