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Trilobites are well-known, and possibly the second-most famous fossil group after the dinosaurs. Trilobites  first appeared in the Cambrian period c.570 million years ago and disappeared in the mass extinction at the end of the Permian period about 250 million years ago.

These Calymene Trilobite Fossils from Morrocco are c.360 million years old. They make unique and beautiful gifts for all ages.

Trilobites were a group of Arthropods, segmented bodies and limbs, with hard shells. Extinct today, over 15000 species have been classified to date, ranging in size fron 1mm - 700mm long

This beautifully preserved fossil will look great as an ornament in the home, or as an addition to a fossil collection. Own a prehistoric piece that existed before the dinosaurs!

Each piece is unique and may vary in size and colour. Price shown is for 1 specimen.

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