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Dinosaurs are one of the most fascinating yet fearsome creatures to ever roam the earth. With this Dinosaur Bone Fossil you can own your very own part of Jurassic history. This piece of bone was fossilised when quartz replaced the cellular structure, this left the bone structure intact allowing us to marvel over parts of a creature that lived so long ago.

From the Mesozoic era and Triassic-Cretaceous period this dinosaur fossil is believed to be between 65-225 million years old.  Found in Madagascar, it has a wonderful quality that will compliment any fossil collection well. The pretty colour tones are eye catching and this bone fossil is a great way to educate kids and intrigue then in the history of our earth and the creatures than inhabited it.

The Dinosaur bone is mounted within a Collectors box. Each piece is unique and will vary in colour, size and appearance. Price is for 1 specimen.

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