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Stunning gifts for everyone to enjoy, these polished Mini Ammonite Pairs are sure to fascinate all who have an interest in natural history. They are beautifully preserved and display a remarkable level of detail.

These Fossilised Ammonites are from Madagascar and lived in the Cretaceous Period. They are between 135 and 395 Million Years old !!

Ammonites are part of the Cephalopod genus. They were marine animals living in the sea, millions of years ago. Highly mobile swimmers and generally carnivorous, they could adjust their buoyancy by means of a chambered shell, changing the air pressure in these chambers using a tube linking the chambers called a siphuncle. Perhaps Ammonites were the ancient equivalent of the modern 'scuba diver'!

Our packaging is slowly transitioning from black to white card. Currently our 2 larger sizes remain on black card.

Each ammonite is unique in shape, size, colour and pattern. Price is for 1 pair of your chosen size. Hand photograph shows general sizing.

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