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This relatively rare mottled blue Shattuckite Healing Mineral is a secondary copper silicate originating from the Kaokoveld Plateau in Namibia.

Shattuckite is a very spiritual crystal which imbues the user with a positive outlook and overall sense of well-being.  It is believed to aid many facets of communication and is said to assist in the development of psychic visions.

Specimen Rating : Advanced Crystal Healer Specimen

Mineral Species - Shattuckite
Crystal System - Orthorhombic
Birthstone -
Chakra Alignment - Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Crystal Attributes:

  • Provides a sense of well-being as well as both physical and inner strength
  • Helps us to cope with stressful situations
  • Supports the immune system
  • Aids communication and improves self-expression
  • Stimulates the gift of sensory interpretation

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Product Code:
Heart (Anahata or Fourth Chakra)
Third Eye (Brow, Ajna or Sixth Chakra)
Throat (Vishuddha or Fifth Chakra)
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