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This wonderful Set of The Three Chinese Gods Fu, Lu and Shou, are beautifully carved from Rainbow Fluorite and display a gorgeous range of greens, blue and purples. They represent the three most important manisfestations of health, wealth and happiness which derives from a Taoist concept from the Ming Dynasty which refers to Good Fortune (Fu), Prosperty (Lu) and Longevity (Shou).

The Fu god represents wealth and good fortune and is generally depicted in scholar's dress holding a scroll.  The Lu god represents prosperity, rank and influence and holds the Ru Yi scepter to signify the power of the high Government official.  The Shou god is believed to control the life spans of mortals and is recognised by his high, domed forehead and the peach which he carries as a symbol of immortality.

Create auspicious chi for the entire household and overcome negative vibes by placing this set in the dining room. Or in the office place Fu Lu Shou behind you giving vital support and good fortune.

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