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Shungite is a unique coal-like stone from Russia. Almost 2 billion years old! This mineral is hailed for its healing power, hence it has been labelled a miracle stone.

Shungite is believed to have the ability to purify, charge, protect, cure, induce recovery, stabilise, heal and promote growth to all living organisms. Not only is Shungite a powerful protection stone it is said to be a good grounding stone and is also a strong aid for spiritual grounding.

Mineral Species - N/A
Crystal System - N/A
Birthstone - Sagittarius
Chakra Alignment - Root and Earth

Crystal Attributes:

  • A powerful purification stone.
  • Removes impurities on every level of being, which eventually clear through the feet into the Earth.
  • Shines a light on the more unpleasant aspects of personality, so we shed what isn’t needed. Capable of clearing the energy of an entire room.
  • Offers a level of protection against outside forces and radiations such as EMF.

This crystal comes with a handy reference card describing all key mineral properties and crystal healing attributes. For more information visit our Shungite Information Page.

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Birth Signs:
Sagittarius November 23rd - December 20th
Root (Muladhar or Base Chakra)
Throat (Vishuddha or Fifth Chakra)
Stone Types: