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An example of this important healing mineral from the famous Santa Eulalia Mine, Mexico. These specimens vary from blue, blue-green, mauve to pink.

Warm, soft, gentle and nurturing, Smithsonite supports the immune system and can assist in balancing the thyroid function.

Smithsonite is useful for letting go of deep emotional pain, particularly for adults who were abused or felt unloved as children. The effect will be a gentle and subtle healing rather than a cathartic but traumatic release. It is also used in the treatment of osteoporosis, helping the bones to hold calcium, and is useful in treating sinus problems, as well as strengthening psychic abilities. Held at the Crown Chakra, it aligns the Chakras and allows the energy to flow, and also enhances communication with the Angelic Realm.

Further information available on our Smithsonite Information Page.

The price shown is for one specimen. These have been photographed in a group to show how Smithsonite can vary.

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Crown (Sahasrara or Seventh Chakra)
Heart (Anahata or Fourth Chakra)
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