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Bring the ethereal beauty of spirit quartz into your home with this excellent Spirit Quartz Cluster. This small cluster has hundreds of radiating crystals.

Spirit quartz is also known as cactus quartz or porcupine quartz. In terms of crystal healing, spirit quartz is a protective crystal believed to bring peace and positive energy. It is said to transform negative energy into positive, encouraging emotional peace and happiness. It is recommended for auric shielding, astral projection, dreamwork and shamanic journeying. Spirit quartz is primarily associated with the crown chakra but can be used to balance and align all the chakras.

At Crystal Age we pride ourselves on the quality of our crystals. We are able to source superior crystal specimens from around the globe and this piece is no exception. Whether you are a crystal healer or collector, this spirit quartz crystal cluster is a great choice.

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Crown (Sahasrara or Seventh Chakra)
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