Alternative Names: None

Mineral Information

Origin: U.S.A.

Mineral Species: Fluorite

Mineral Group: Halides

Chemical Formula: CaF2

Hardness: 4

Crystal System: Cubic

Colour: Deep blue to blue-green

Typical Appearance: Typically massive, often with octahedral cleavage

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: Pisces and Capricorn

Chakra Alignment: Throat

Element: Air

Origin of Name & Mythology: From the Latin 'fluere', meaning flow, due to the ease of melting when used as a flux in smelting and refining of metals.

Additional Information

This very special, recently mined fluorite is truly a crystal for our time. The colour is like the twilight sky, and as you look into it, you can imagine the evening star, Venus, lighting up the horizon, engendering hope.

Venus fluorite displays pleochroism, changing from blue in natural light to violet in artificial light. It often occurs with streaks of pinky mauve that only appear when light is shining through it, similar to the atmospheric phenomena known as the Belt of Venus, the arch of pink light that can appear on the western horizon after sunset, often with a dark blue band between it and the earth.

Venus fluorite clears old fear and anger from the Solar Plexus, clears and opens the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, and creates a strong connection with the Crown Chakra. It relaxes the body, including the muscles, and calms the mind, allowing for inner expansion and deep meditation.

Venus fluorite facilitates communication on all levels, especially with our guides, and helps us to access our own truth and wisdom, as well as the wisdom carried within the crystal itself. Many of us who have chosen to incarnate in the present time feel we are holding the cares of the world. Venus fluorite helps lighten that load, making it feel more of an honour than a burden. This exceptional crystal will loose its deep colour with exposure to bright light, so should be kept in the dark when not in use.