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This thin slice displays the intricately banded structure of agate simply and effectively. The bands of both delicate and rich purple tones are uniquely captivating. The traditional association of agate with harmony and balance is reflected in the dark purple of these slices.

Purple agate is striking in any setting. When displayed in front of a light source the colours glow wonderfully. Great as a decoration or gift, either singly or grouped with other colours and stones.

These slices are thinly cut and are approximately 4-6mm thick.

Approximate Sizes -

Mini - 20mm x 40mm.
Small - 40mm x 60mm.
Medium - 60mm x 80mm.
Large - 80mm x 100mm.
Extra Large - 100mm x 120mm.

Each agate slice is unique in colour, pattern and shape.

Display stands are available, search EX10/11

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Birth Signs:
Gemini May 21st - June 20th
Stone Types:
Agate Fluorite - Venus