Mineral Information

Origin: Notably Brazil

Mineral Species: Rutile

Mineral Group: Oxides

Chemical Formula: TiO2

Hardness: 6-6.5

Crystal System: Tetragonal

Colour: Golden yellow

Typical Appearance: Bladed or prismatic crystals, often radiating.

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: Gemini and Taurus

Chakra Alignment: Solar Plexus; All, especially Third Eye and Crown

Element: None

Origin of Name & Mythology: The name rutile was first introduced by the German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1800 (cfr. Lampadius 1800 and Ludwig 1803). The name is from the Latin rutilus, meaning "reddish." The mineral was already known under other names, such as "red schorl" and some other names, some of them later recognized as synonyms or varieties.

Additional Information

Rutile is titanium ore. It is calming, and bestows a sense of inner strength, and courage. Gold rutile, in particular, gives a feeling of fulfillment, as if we need nothing more in our lives to be happy. It works as an anti-depressant, partly through the affect of the colour on the Solar Plexus, but also because it helps us to become aware of our own strength, and therefore feel more in control of our lives. Being "out of control" can be a prime factor in depression.

Rutile aligns primarily with the Solar Plexus, but also connects with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, making it ideal for tuning in to the higher realms, and as an aid in meditation.