A truly adorable item, our unakite polished thumb stone showcases the stones appealing and unique features. The super smooth thumb stones are comfortable to hold and fit between your thumb and fingers perfectly, it can also easily be carried in your pocket or purse keeping your favourite crystal on your person at all times.

Unakite is a combination of Pink Feldspar, Green Epidote and Quartz. Cleansing, balancing and detoxifying. It is sometimes used as a fertility aid, and is believed to support a healthy pregnancy.

We have a wide range of crystal thumb stones available for you to choose from, you can personalise your thumb stone by choosing one by your birthstone or emotional qualities, have a look at our information section to find out more.

Product Code:
Width: 3.0cm (1.2")
Depth: 0.5cm (0.2")
Length: 4.0cm (1.6")
Birth Signs:
Scorpio October 23rd - November 22nd
Heart (Anahata or Fourth Chakra)
Stone Types: