October 23rd - November 22nd


The eighth sign of the Zodiac and is associated with intensity, passion, and power. The polar opposite is Taurus. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a complex, analytical, patient, keenly perceptive, inquisitive, focused, determined, hypnotic, and self-contained character, but one which is also prone to extremity, jealousy, envy, secretiveness, possessiveness, cruelty and cunning.

Main stone: Aquamarine

Other stones: Agate - Black Agate, Alexandrite, Anatase, Aquamarine, Astrophyllite, Charoite, Citrine, Herkimer Diamond, Hiddenite, Kunzite, Labradorite, Malachite, Moonstone, Obsidian, Opal, Rhodochrosite, Stibnite, Topaz, Tourmaline - Pink, Turquoise, Unakite