Cat's Eye Tumble Stone (30-40mm)

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These Extra Large Cat's Eye Tumble Stones have an amazing play of light. 

Available in Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Mauve and Yellow, feel free to cater to your individual taste.

Cat's Eye is a synthetic gemstone made from hi-tech glass fibre. It transmits light along these fibres, resembling natural chatoyancy as found in certain natural gemstones such as Chrysoberyl.

Cat's Eye encourages clairvoyance and encourages us to develop the gift of clairvoyance and of far-seeing, either far in time, or far in distance. It is also believed to turn negative thoughts into positive energy.

Tumble stones are an attractive and inexpensive way to collect crystals. Whether for a collector or a crystal healer, these tumble stones make a great gift.

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Aries March 21st - April 20th
Capricorn December 21st - January 19th
Taurus April 21st - May 20th
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Cats Eye