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This polished brassy Chalcopyrite Tumblestone is a copper iron sulfide which appears multi-coloured when tarnished. 

Psychologically, Chalcopyrite shows that prosperity is a state of mind and helps to attract abundance into your life.  Mentally, Chalcopyrite assists accurate perception and logical thought while listening to your inner voice.

Tumblestones bring to you the beauty of rocks, minerals and gemstones, which are usually difficult to appreciate in their natural state. Tumbling, a long process of smoothing and polishing, reveals the wonderful colour and form of these natural treasures that are so often hidden deep in the earth.

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Each tumblestone is unique and may vary in size and colour. Price shown is for 1 specimen.


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Leo July 21st - August 21st
Solar Plexus (Manipura, Third Chakra)
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