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Please Note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

An extra large Shungite Crystal Egg. This egg is carved from Shungite which is dark grey and metallic in appearance, yet feels unusually light in the hand.

Shungite contains fullerenes, powerful anti-oxidants, which can help to neutralise any organism within your body that is harmful to you. It is one of Mother Nature's finest gifts for purifying the environment and it is said to work equally well cleansing the human body.  Shungite water is known for its antioxidant effects. 

Shungite or any other Crystal Eggs look gorgeous placed around the home or grouped in a bowl. They are also ideal for healing and the perfect size to hold in your hand.

Product Code:
XXXX - EGV1121
Height: 4.8cm (1.9")
Width: 3.5cm (1.4")
Birth Signs:
Leo July 21st - August 21st
Root (Muladhar or Base Chakra)
Grey (More Grey Products)
Stone Types: