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This desirable Diplomystus Fish Fossil Plate contains an elegantly detailed and beautifully preserved Diplomystus fish that is sure to excite and interest not only fossil collectors but also friends and family.

Diplomystus fish lived approximately 55 million years ago in the Middle Eocene Age and their fossilised remains have only been found in the Green River Formation, location in Wyoming, USA. The wonderful detail you can see here is particular to the Green River Formation area where layers of very fine-grained lime mud have helped preserve not only the shape of the fish, but also the fine detail of scales, bones and teeth which are clearly visible to the naked eye. The Green River geology is known around the world for its production of exquisite fish fossils which people of all ages to can now enjoy.

A distant relative to the Herring, Diplomystus fish have a body form and upturned mouth commonly found in surface feeding fish. Fossilised evidence points it to being a predator of smaller surface-feeders such as Knightia from which it can be distinguished by the presence of additional rows of dorsal and ventral scutes running from the back of the head to the median fins.

This fossil fish has not been enhanced in any way; only the covering layer of limestone has been carefully removed to present the intricate fossilised detail of bones, fins and scales in their natural colours. It will make a wonderful addition for anyone who has a real passion for natural history, either as a central display piece or as part of a wider collection.

This fish is approximately 12cms long.

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Height: 22cm (8.6")
Width: 17cm (6.7")