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Knightia Alta Fossil Fish Plate ~21x16cm

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This pair of Knightia Alta have a well defined bone structure.

Knightia fish lived approximately 55 million years ago and their fossils are found in just one location - the Green River Shales in Wyoming, USA. Slender fish feeding mainly on ostracods, algae, Diatoms and small fish. These fish swam in large shoals and make fantastic fossils.

With its fine detail, this fish fossil plate is a wonderful gift for anyone interested in natural history.

These fossil fish have not been enhanced in any way, just the covering layer of limestone has been carefully removed to present  beautiful fossils, showing the relief of the bones and fins.

The fish are 10 & 8.5cms long.

Product Code:
Height: 21cm (8.4")
Width: 16cm (6.3")