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Diplomystus Fish Fossil Plate ~ 27cm

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This desirable Diplomystus Fish Fossil Plate contains an elegantly detailed and beautifully preserved Diplomystus fish that is sure to excite and interest any fossil collector.

Diplomystus fish lived approximately 55 million years ago in the Middle Eocene Age. Their fossils are found in just one location - the Green River Formation in Wyoming, USA. Noted around the world since mid-way through the 19th Century, the Green River has been producing well preserved fish fossils for people of all ages to enjoy.

Related to the Herring,  Diplomystus fish were surface-feeders and were double scuted, having rows of dorsal and ventral scutes running from the back of the head to the median fins. Now we are lucky enough to own some of their fantastic fossils as collector's items or display pieces around the home.

With its intricate detail, natural colours and grand size, this fish fossil plate will make a wonderful addition for anyone who has a real passion for natural history.

This fossil fish has not been enhanced in any way, just the covering layer of limestone has been carefully removed to present a beautiful fossil, showing the relief of the bones, fins and scales.

The fish is 12cms long.

Product Code:
Height: 27cm (10.6")
Width: 22cm (8.7")