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This distinguishable and stunning Priscacara Fish Fossil Plate adds a one-of-a-kind collector's item for a fossil connoisseur.

Similar shape to that of the perch, Priscacara are a disk-like shape fish originating 56 million years ago, making it easily distinguishable from any other species found in the Green River Formation in Wyoming, USA. These fish range in sizes from 4 inches to 6 inches long but a few have been recorded at over 16 inches. The excellent detail showing the entire vertebra, its thick dorsal, anal spines and the cranial structure give this fossil its fantastic priceless quality.

With its intricate detail, this fish fossil plate makes a wonderful fossil gift for a collector interested in natural history or any person looking for something extra special for their home décor.

This fossil fish has not been enhanced in any way, just the covering layer of limestone has been carefully removed to reveal the wonderful detail of its bones, fins and scales.

The fish is 12.3cms long.

Product Code:
Height: 27cm (10.5")
Width: 22cm (8.5")