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This Knightia fish fossil makes a beautiful  collectors piece. Detailed fossilized fins and skeleton offset by the limestone it rests in. This fossil fish plaque makes a striking ornament and a wonderful gift from natural history, pulling your decor together and bringing pure natural beauty to any space.

These fossilised fish are millions of years old and perfectly preserved. You can see every detail of the fine skeletons and their positions give a real sense of living movement. Placed with other fossils or as a striking single statement, the plaque is always stylish and a gorgeous gift for your loved ones.

This fossil fish has not been enhanced in any way, just the covering layer of limestone has been carefully removed to present a beautiful fossil, showing the relief of the bones, fins and scales.

The fish is 15.5cms long.

Product Code:
Height: 27cm (10.5")
Width: 22cm (8.5")