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From Tanzania. Gold Danburite is exceptionally clearing throughout the body, has a strong mood-lifting effect, and creates a powerful connection with the heart.

Gold Danburite brings a ray of sunshine into the Solar Plexus, which then fills the entire body.

Crystal Attributes:

  • Improves the spirit and enhances energy levels.
  • Promotes inner strength and self-confidence.
  • May promote a love of self.
  • Is a strong healer and detoxifier.
  • Has a clearing effect on the Throat, refining higher and general communication.

Further information available on our CrystalAge.com Danburite Information Page.

Each piece is unique and may vary in size and colour. Price shown is for 1 specimen.

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Birth Signs:
Leo July 21st - August 21st
Crown (Sahasrara or Seventh Chakra)
Heart (Anahata or Fourth Chakra)
Third Eye (Brow, Ajna or Sixth Chakra)
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